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Recovery, healing, and resilience grow through healthy and informed relationships. CTIPP believes that transformation is needed at every level of society to build a trauma-informed society that supports individuals, families, organizations, communities, and systems to adapt to adversity and stress in healthy and productive ways. ​


We educate and advocate across the political spectrum, and we reject the false choices often presented in a two-party system because trauma-informed policy is truly nonpartisan, and trauma-informed practices should be embedded throughout our society and available for all. No one can solve problems with the same thinking that created them, so we must transcend political rancor and divisiveness if we hope to address society's most pressing challenges that are rooted in trauma.


The enclosed dimensions of our vision are rooted in science and have been integrated across the lifespan, industry sectors, and rural, suburban, and urban communities. Our vision statement is a living, breathing, and ever-evolving document – and we welcome your feedback.

Developed by Whitney Marris.

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