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National coalition uniting local, cross-sector trauma-informed coalitions for networking, resource-sharing, and advocacy. Membership is free and open to local, state, and regional cross-sector coalitions.

  • Create and connect cross-sector, trauma-informed coalitions at the local, state, and regional level

  • Provide training and technical assistance to support grassroots initiatives

  • Educate coalitions on emerging innovative practices to implement trauma-informed values

  • NOTE: PressOn is supported by a national coalition including CTIPP, the National Prevention Science Coalition to Improve Lives (NPSC), and PACEs Connection

WEBINAR: How to build and sustain trauma-informed community, statewide, and national cross-sector coalitions

CTIPP CAN Call: Dan Press, one of CTIPP’s founders and general counsel discussed their origin story with the movement and CTIPP’s past, present, and future.

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