PressOn is a national coalition that unites local trauma-informed coalitions to propel the movement forward.


Membership is open to

  1. Local, state, or regional cross-sector trauma-informed coalitions

  2. Local organizations whose mission is to promote trauma-informed practices


Organizations will self-certify that it meets this definition. There are no dues or fees.


1) Provide a unified and powerful voice in Washington, D.C., for investments in trauma-informed programs;


2) Promote the development of statewide trauma-informed coalitions and provide guidance and materials on how to engage in policy development at the state and local levels, including state legislatures;


3) Provide a vehicle for the sharing of best practices and innovative programs for each coalition to replicate in ways that reflect community needs and preferences;


4) Create a connected grassroots trauma-informed movement by connecting the local coalitions;


5) Serve as a repository of data collected from various sources demonstrating how trauma-informed programs save money and lives; and


6) Provide resources and referrals to entities seeking to start a local coalition, such as a compilation of different models that communities have used to create their coalition, and provide training and technical assistance to local coalitions in governance, marketing, networking, communications, and evaluation.

PressOn was created and will be staffed by CTIPP, the National Prevention Science Coalition to Improve Lives (NPSC), and Positive and Adverse Childhood Experiences (PACES) Connection.

WEBINAR: How to build and sustain trauma-informed community, statewide, and national cross-sector coalitions

WEBINAR: Effective approaches in persuading cross-sector community leadership to embed trauma-informed practices