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Whitney Marris on the Notes on Resilience Podcast

LISTEN to CTIPP's Whitney Marris and host Manya Chylinski discuss the essence of being an advocate and the resilience required to champion change.


In the third episode in the series, Advocating for Resilience: Empowering Mental Wellness, we talk with social worker and advocate Whitney Marris about the vital role of advocacy in fostering mental wellness and community strength.

Together, we take a close look at the challenges advocates face and the triumphs that come with amplifying voices for societal betterment. Whitney shares insights about the power of advocacy beyond policy and the importance of self-care to sustain our commitment to meaningful change.We also examine the concept of trauma-informed change, the roles various individuals play in advocacy, from storytellers to strategists, and the collective effort it takes to heal and build resilience. We also discuss the importance of setting boundaries and creating support systems among fellow advocates, acknowledging that the full impact of our efforts may not be immediately visible but trusting in the long-term change our work contributes to. Tune in for a profound exploration of resilience, advocacy, and the communal journey towards healing.

Whitney Marris, LCSW is committed to fostering resiliency and holistic well-being for individuals, organizations, communities, and systems to various roles. They are the Director of Trauma-Informed Practice and System Transformation with the Campaign for Trauma-Informed Policy and Practice (CTIPP) and a trauma therapist in private practice in the DC Metro Area. They are also an adjunct instructor at the University at Buffalo School of Social Work, and a consultant trainer and coach guiding organizations and systems of care seeking to implement trauma-informed, healing-centered change. When not engaged in change work, you will find Whitney throwing pottery, getting lost in a book, or spending time in nature with partner, Alex, and Schnoodle, Jennifer.

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Producer / Editor: Neel Panji


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