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Trauma-Informed Organizations (CTIPP CAN May 2021)

How to Determine if Your Organization is Trauma-Informed with Mimi Graham, Marsha Morgan, Steve Kauffman, Steve Brown, and Gerry Vassar

SUMMARY: The May 2021 CTIPP CAN call addressed a critical question that many organizations are increasingly asking themselves - "How do we determine where on the spectrum my organization sits in regard to becoming fully trauma-informed, and what more can we be doing to become trauma-informed?" Our presenters were experts who have developed or are applying different tools for evaluating and providing answers to these questions.

1:55 Policy Updates

11:56 Trauma Informed Cultural Assessment

12:30 Who Are Resilience Builders?

13:24 Why Did We Create the TICA?

14:14 What is the TICA?

14:42 How Does it Work?

16:00 The Five Principles

17:33 Scoring

20:28 Process

22:58 Privacy and Security

24:09 We've Taken the Test. Now What?

24:19 Next Steps

24:43 Q&A

28:54 Trauma Informed Services Assessment Survey

33:05 What makes for a quality assessment?

34:14 Organizational Domains are Different

34:38 Use of Data

38:25 The Survey

41:17 Examples of Indices

44:01 Transforming Whole-Systems to Trauma-Informed Care

44:40 Traumatic Stress Institute

46:17 Core Services

46:35 Whole-System Change Model to TIC

47:12 TSI's International Community of Agencies

47:29 Trauma-Informed Care Research: Attitudes Related to Trauma-

Informed (ARTIC) Scale

47:48 ARTIC Scale Characteristics

49:14 Scope of ARTIC Use

49:38 ARTIC Subscales

51:28 Online ARTIC Platform

52:45 What Questions can the ARTIC Answer?

53:26 Quick Demonstration

56:05 Bigger Picture of TIC Outcome Measurement

58:42 Measuring Trauma-Informed Outcomes at Different Levels

1:00:11 PRESENCE: Trauma-Informed, Trauma-Responsive, Trauma-Resilient

1:02:29 Central Organizing Principle

1:03:08 Paradigm Shift in Knowledge

1:03:49 Trauma-Informed, Trauma-Responsive, Trauma-Resilient

1:04:05 PRESENCE

1:04:19 Creating PRESENCE Objectives

1:05:39 PRESENCE Acronym

1:06:22 PRESENCE Implementation

1:06:44 Creating PRESENCE: An Online Organizational Approach to Trauma-

Responsive Services

1:07:55 Introductory Coursework for Everyone

1:09:02 Divided Tracks

1:09:48 PRESENCE Skills

1:10:11 Creating PRESENCE For Leaders

1:10:29 Creating PRESENCE For Clinicians

1:11:06 Creating PRESENCE For Direct Service Professionals

1:11:35 Creating PRESENCE For Indirect Service Professionals

1:12:18 Monthly Video Team Meetings and Consultation

1:12:38 Certification

1:13:25 PRESENCE Enactment Team

1:14:10 18 Month Timetable

1:14:45 PRESENCE Portfolio

1:16:11 Q&A/Discussion


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