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Jesse Kohler on the Notes on Resilience Podcast

Hosted by Manya Chylinski, the podcast features conversations about trauma, resilience, and compassion. How do we genuinely support individuals who have experienced trauma and build inclusive and safe environments?

Trauma significantly affects the mental and physical health of those who experience it, and personal resiliency is only part of the solution. The rest lies in addressing organizational, systemic, and social determinants of health and wellness, and making the effort to genuinely understand the impact of trauma.

The podcast asks and answers the tough questions about how wellness is framed in an organizational context, what supports are available and why, what the barriers are to supporting trauma survivors, and what best practices contribute to mental wellness. These conversations provide a framework to identify areas for change and actionable steps to reshape organizations to be truly trauma sensitive.


We journey through the stories of stress and adversity which, rather than breaking us, actually serve to cultivate resilience with Jesse Kohler, the Executive Director of the Campaign for Trauma-Informed Policy and Practice. Jesse's personal narrative of loss, and the unexpected outreach from a coach that followed, is a touching and powerful illustration of this.

We also examine an often overlooked space - the school system, where trauma-informed policy can make a world of difference. We discuss the need to refocus our attention from outcomes to process, to reevaluate our approach towards children's behaviors in response to trauma, and the urgency of a holistic approach to transform trauma in our society. In this episode, we walk away with a renewed understanding of resilience and the fundamentals of creating a trauma-informed society. Tune in to be inspired and empowered.


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