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Trauma-Informed Universities (CTIPP CAN January 2021)

Universities Becoming Trauma-Informed with the Southern Oregon University, East Tennessee State University, and Florida State University

SUMMARY: The January 2021 CTIPP CAN call described ways that we can integrate trauma-informed principles into course design so that every student graduates with knowledge about trauma science, as well as initiatives at universities to expand trauma-informed work broadly.

2:33 Policy Updates

10:20 National Trauma Campaign Website

13:55 Promoting Resilience and Trauma-Informed Practice at Southern Oregon University

26:17 Core Protective Factors That Promote Resilience and Interrupt the Progression and Accumulation of Adversity

28:29 Implementing a Strengths-Based, Trauma-Informed Framework

35:00 Q&A/Discussion

42:33 Ballad Health Strong Brain Institute: Introduction of the SBI to the Campaign for Trauma-Informed Policy and Practice

44:43 Who We Are… At Present

47:24 SBI Advisory Council

48:02 What We Do

48:59 Products

49:29 Projects

54:18 Next Steps

54:37 Project Funded by the University (RDC)

56:49 Where Our Pharmacy Students Come From

57:51 By the Numbers

59:28 Identifying ACES and Resilience

1:01:38 Initial Program Outcomes

1:03:01 Potential Impact

1:03:43 Coming Soon

1:12:22 2021 Update: FSU's Student Resilience Toolkit

1:10:33 Our Approach: A Complement to Existing Services

1:15:33 Components of Resilience

1:17:26 Benefits of Participating in SRP

1:23:22 Professional Certifications

1:26:28 Q&A/Discussion


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