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Identifying Potential Trauma-Informed Advocacy Targets

By Whitney Marris, CTIPP's Director of Practice and System Transformation

Do you need support identifying potential trauma-informed advocacy targets? Be sure to watch the Identifying and Preparing to Engage with Advocacy Targets module in our Advocacy Series, and then download our resource to plot out:

  • Active Allies: those who agree with you and are committed to working alongside you toward the change.

  • Passive Allies: those who show agreement, but have not yet acted substantially in support of the change.

  • Neutral: those who are unengaged and demonstrate neither support nor opposition to the change.

  • Passive Opponents: those who do not agree, but who do not actively try to stop the change.

  • Active Opponents: those who are actively working in ways that undermine or oppose the desired change.


Download PDF • 143KB


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