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Analysis: FY22 House Appropriations

In the Report accompanying the bill, which appropriated over $253 billion in FY 22 for programs operated by the Departments of Labor, Health and Human Services and Education, the House Appropriations Committee stated:

“The Committee is aware that childhood trauma and toxic stress have been linked to negative health outcomes through adulthood, including higher rates of diabetes, stroke, depression, lapses in cognitive abilities, developmental delays, suicide, and substance abuse among others. Low-income children are particularly vulnerable to the impacts of adverse childhood experiences (ACES).”

This statement represents the most direct recognition by Congress of the importance of addressing childhood adversity. And it allocates funding or other forms of support for trauma-informed programs in over 25 places in the Appropriations Bill, including $7 million to CDC’s Injury Prevention program to assist States implement trauma-informed programs and $1 million for the Interagency Taskforce on Childhood Trauma created in the 2019 Support Act.

  • Please review CTIPP's analysis for more information on the programs that received funding:

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