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Delaware & Oregon Community Models (CTIPP CAN February 2021)

With Trauma Matters Delaware and Southern Oregon Success


SUMMARY: The February 2021 CTIPP CAN call featured presentations on two groundbreaking trauma-informed initiatives – one covering an entire state and the second covering a region of a state. Each can serve as a model for other states and regions.

3:03 NYC Trauma-Informed Approaches Learning Community

6:59 Policy Updates

8:49 Creating a Trauma-Informed Delaware

10:36 First Chance/Trauma-Informed Delaware

21:19 Trauma Matters Delaware (TMD): Our History

28:47 TMD and TID: 2019-2020

35:15 TMD: Our Future

40:44 TMD: 2021 and Beyond

42:32 Discussion

49:41 Trauma Informed Oregon

49:55 Southern Oregon Success

50:43 Early Challenges

58:03 ACEs & Resilience: ACE Interface N.E.A.R Curriculum

1:00:07 Youth Development Work Group

1:01:32 Continuing Challenges

1:03:25 Southern Oregon Success Innovation Network

1:04:05 Design Team; An Ambitious Regional Goal

1:05:17 Southern Oregon Success Blueprint for Change

1:06:11 Preschool/K12 Alignment Work Group

1:07:03 Human-Centered Equitable Services

1:07:44 School Based Health Centers - Impacts

1:08:14 Family Capacity for Resilience Work Group

1:08:44 Early Childhood Services Work Group

1:09:59 Southern Oregon Agenda 2021

1:10:35 Ongoing

1:11:24 Special Projects

1:12:03 Discussion

1:17:35 Q&A/Discussion


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