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Anti-Racism & the Trauma-Informed Movement (CTIPP CAN December 2020)

Anti-Racism and the Trauma-Informed Movement with Father Paul Abernathy and Teena Brooks

SUMMARY: The December 2020 CTIPP CAN call examined ways in which we move towards justice and reconciliation in a way that invites collective and personal healing, and how CTIPP and the National Trauma Campaign are looking to integrate equity principles into its work.

0:48 Policy Updates

7:51 The Investment in Community Healing Act of 2020

24:20 Trauma Informed/ Antiracist

26:23 Racial Trauma

28:34 Where Does Racial Trauma Come From?

30:50 Historical Trauma & Transgenerational Trauma

31:50 Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome

34:17 Defining PTSS

34:34 Behavior Patterns Associated With PTSS

36:15 Trauma Affected Community

39:53 Antiracist

41:34 What Does Healing Look Like?

48:03 Trauma Informed

48:36 Healing Centered

49:21 Reconciliation

50:09 Justice as Right Relationship

50:48 Justice vs Equity

52:40 Healing (Not Exhaustive)

58:49 Trauma-Informed Care and Equity

1:02:05 Desired Outcomes

1:02:38 TIC and Equity: What's the Relationship?

1:06:32 Centering Equity in the T&R Movement

1:08:51 Race to Justice Framework

1:12:03 TRIA Task and Finish Group

1:14:21 Lessons Learned

1:16:21 National Trauma Campaign's Draft Equity Statement

1:20:05 Q&A/Discussion


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