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Climate CoP 2024 Session 2 (Resilience Coordinating Networks)

SESSION 2: Organizing and Facilitating a Resilience Coordinating Network (RCN)


  • Bob Doppelt, ITRC Coordinator

  • Becky Turner, Director of Community Engagement, Community Resilience Initiative in Walla Walla Washington

  • Mebane Boyd, Director, North Carolina SmartStart Healthy and Resilient Communities


  • Forming an initial planning group and expanding to the neighborhood and/or community.

  • Deciding to help expand an existing coalition or form a new one.

  • Engaging a wide and diverse network of community members and leaders.

  • Establishing a mission and vision.

  • Establishing core operating principles--with emphasis on thinking systemically & holistically.

  • Deciding on an organizational structure to enable "well-coordinated decentralization."

  • Choosing funding options.

  • Finding effective "servant and participatory" leaders and staff.

  • The important roles of mental health and human services providers.

  • The role of government agencies in local Resilience Coordinating Networks.



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