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Analysis: Federal Funding is Available for the Trauma-Informed Movement

By CTIPP’s Jen Curt, Director of Government Affairs, and Michael Rocchi, Intern

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CTIPP wants to help our network access the government funding available for states, localities, and community-based organizations to address trauma.

As a start, we looked at the federal grants open and posted on through October 2022. We discovered 24 grants aligned with trauma-informed work.

WHAT IS A FEDERAL GRANT? The federal government funds projects to provide public services through grants. Federal grants can be obtained through state and local governments or certain nonprofit organizations. Some grants awarded to state and local governments can be dispersed to local 501(c)(3)s.

While our scope was short (October 2022), we were pleased to find eleven of the 24 grants start at $100,000, meaning that smaller community-based organizations are well-positioned to apply. These trauma-related grants are available across many topics, with the majority focused on violence prevention and child welfare.

Most grants are available to 501(c)(3)s, states, and localities. Local and state advocates working to advance trauma-informed initiatives can encourage their governments to apply.

We can help you find eligible grants, provide application tips, or encourage your local government to apply. Of course, CTIPP continues to advocate for the federal government to provide increased funding and new grants to support our work to bring healing to every community.


Is this resource helpful to your mission? Would you like to see more reports like this? Would you like more information and help to navigate the federal grant process? Please share feedback (, so CTIPP can better allocate resources and staff time to support your trauma-informed work!


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