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The National Trauma Campaign is now CTIPP CAN

By Laura Braden Quigley, CTIPP's Director of Communications and Outreach

The National Trauma Campaign has become part of CTIPP CAN. “CAN” stands for Community Advocacy Network. CTIPP CAN calls have been occurring monthly for several years, and we have heard that there was confusion about the difference between the “National Trauma Campaign” and the “Campaign for Trauma-Informed Policy & Practice.”

CTIPP CAN” is more direct, forward-looking, and action-oriented, better reflecting the effort’s mission, strategies, and tactics. As we have grown and learned, it is clear that the National Trauma Campaign adds action to our Community Advocacy Network.

CTIPP CAN comprises advocates across all 50 states who engage Congress and federal policymakers in supporting legislation, appropriations, programs, and policies that prevent and respond to trauma and build resilience.

Activities include calls to action, a monthly networking and resource-sharing calls, and free resources and education, including our nine-part advocacy series.

CTIPP’s main activities - advocacy, education, networking, and research - are woven into our initiatives and deployed to coordinate and advance the trauma-informed movement:

PressOn convenes and mobilizes local and state cross-sector coalitions to share emerging and promising trauma-informed strategies and data.

The Ideas Lab provides tools to help community systems integrate trauma-informed, prevention-oriented, resilience-focused, and healing-centered approaches and principles into daily operations.

Together, these initiatives empower CTIPP to support the trauma-informed movement by providing free education and resources, networking opportunities, resource-sharing, collaboration, and learning opportunities while working to close the gap on barriers to empowerment, equity, and investment.

Soon, we’ll release updated program logos and brand elements, and in the meantime, please join CTIPP CAN and/or PressOn and explore our resources!


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