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Building Resiliency (CTIPP CAN September 2022)

The discussion featured Dr. Kate Tumelty Felice and Rob Czepiel of Resilient Minds on the Front Lines. The nonprofit offers programs focused on mental health and well-being, particularly on first responders.

CTIPP also briefed attendees on cultivating trauma-informed schools from a new report that explains the why/how, and provides actionable steps, and examples for creating thriving school environments. We also updated the group on the latest Congressional news, policy, and developments.

Resilient Minds on the Front Lines is a New Jersey-based nonprofit organization that brings tools, knowledge, skills, and instruction to help first responders help themselves and others. The organization offers programs focused on mental health and well-being, with a particular focus on addressing the needs of first responders. Their team comprises resiliency practitioners, trainers, educators, psychologists, retired and active law enforcement, medical professionals, chaplains, business professionals, and retired and active military officers.

3:35 Policy Updates

29:32 Trauma-Informed Schools Act

32:48 Q&A/Discussion

46:43 Facilitating a Collaborative Model of Response - Pilot Program for Law

Enforcement and Educators: Handle with Care and ACEs Aware

55:20 Objectives and Goals

57:02 Learning Objectives

58:35 NJ Handle with Care Directive and Rationale

1:00:41 Baseline Survey (April 2021)

1:01:32 Trauma: Event, Experience, Effects

1:02:13 Bringing the shareholders together…a collaborative model of best practices

1:03:43 What do you do to mitigate your triggers when dealing with theirs?

1:04:04 What is resilience?

1:04:54 Buffering or Supportive Factors

1:06:52 How can we facilitate collaborative relationships not only to operationalize HWC, but also for continued success?

1:07:49 Pilot Survey Responses

1:15:28 Q&A/Discussion


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