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PressOn: Constructing A Narrative

EPISODE SUMMARY Dr. Meagan Corrado discusses her outlook on trauma and trauma-informed care, and dives into the importance for trauma survivors to be able to construct their own narratives... and in their own time! We also discuss the Campaign for Trauma Informed Policy and Practice and some of the larger social implications of the work she does.

EPISODE NOTES Intro: Welcome listeners to PressOn, where we discuss solutions to build a sustainable future and a better world. Today, I am joined by Dr. Meagan Corrado.

Key Questions and Points of Discussion:

  • What is your favorite part of the work you do?

  • Why is it important to encourage creativity in growth and healing, especially for children?

  • What is the importance in story telling when it comes to healing?

  • If you could reimagine the “American Dream”, what would it look like?

  • How did you get involved with CTIPP? What have your responsibilities been for CTIPP?

  • Why is CTIPP so important? Why is the trauma-informed movement so important? How can a paradigm shift promote safety throughout a society? How does trauma-informed care improve the lives of those who have been impacted by trauma? How does it improve the lives of those who have not directly been impacted?

  • What are some the specific obstacles that you face when it comes to working with youth from the inner city?

  • Why does climate change matter when having discussions surrounding privilege?

  • What is your greatest hope for the future? What is your greatest fear for the future?

  • What will CTIPP accomplish in the next five years?


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