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Trauma-Informed Peer Support Programs (CTIPP CAN November 2020)

Trauma-Informed Peer Support Programs with Phil Duval, Adrienne Elder, Stephanie Covington, and Helen Skipper

SUMMARY: The November 2020 CTIPP CAN call began with an update on trauma-informed provisions in the U.S. Senate appropriations bill, an overview of CTIPP’s First 100 Days recommendations for the Biden-Harris Administration, and more.

1:58 Policy Updates

14:41 Peer Support Groups and Family Advisory Councils

22:19 Creating Clear & Inclusive Pathways for Community Resilience

23:49 Pathways to Value & Amplify Family Voices via Family Advisory Councils

26:03 Peer Support Groups and Family Advisory Councils using ACEs Science is Aligned with the CDC's Guiding Principles

27:21 Pair of ACEs: Interconnected Adversities Create a Vicious Cycle

27:58 Root Causes

28:34 Common Roots Equal Common Solutions

29:13 Root Solutions = Thriving; Resilient Community

29:18 Peer Support Groups Using ACEs Science is Aligned with the Three Principles; From Harvard's Center on the Developing Child

29:51 How Do Community Coalitions Incorporate These Three Principles?

31:23 Creating A Shared Language; Promoting the Three Principles Moves the Needle Faster

33:29 Q&A

46:20 Trauma Focused Interventions: An Essential Element for Justice Settings Peer-Led Programming

46:46 Histories of Abuse of Criminal Justice-Involved Men and Women

47:01 ACEs Among Incarcerated Men & Women

47:26 Impact of ACEs for Incarcerated Women is Strong and Cumulative

48:46 Implementing Peer-Led Trauma-Focused Interventions

49:02 Theoretical Foundation

49:52 Key Elements (Staff and Clients)

50:23 Important Considerations

50:53 Gender and Abuse

51:36 Treatment Strategies

52:24 Core Elements and Delivery Methods

53:47 Resources

54:02 Peer-Led Model

55:33 Facility Participation

56:49 Interventions

58:29 Standardized Scales Were Used to Assess 10 Primary Outcomes

58:56 Criminal & Incarceration History for Men

59:36 Results of Brief Intervention for Men

1:00:01 Randomized Controlled Trial Results (2021)

1:00:26 Peer-Led Healing Trauma Program

1:00:32 Criminal & Incarceration History for Women

1:00:49 Results of Brief Intervention for Women

1:01:15 Beyond Violence: A Prevention Program for Criminal Justice-Involved Women 20-Sessions Covington, 2015

1:01:53 Beyond Violence Randomized Controlled Trial Peer-Led

1:02:12 Beyond Violence: Significant Post-Intervention Changes

1:02:28 Beyond Violence One Year Post Research

1:03:10 Goals of the Programs

1:07:06 Q&A

1:09:25 New York City Criminal Justice Agency


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