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Trauma-Informed Movement in the UK (CTIPP CAN March 2021)

WAVE Trust and the 70/30 Campaign with Aidan Phillips

SUMMARY: The March 2021 CTIPP CAN call featured WAVE Trust, a UK-based charity that has been campaigning for greater prevention of trauma, and trauma-informed services, for 25 years. WAVE Trust is well known for its ambitious campaign to reduce ACEs in the UK by 70% by 2030 (their 70/30 Campaign).

1:02 Trauma-Informed First Spouses Coalition

5:55 Policy Updates

11:49 WAVE Trust

12:52 WAVE Trust Introduction

14:44 Impact of WAVE's Work

19:47 72% of UK Parliament MPs

21:14 UK Parliaments

23:14 Let's Share Our Experiences

24:16 What do we want from them?

28:55 Lobby Politicians to Amend Ongoing Legislation

30:36 What do we want from them?

40:05 Where do we submit our proposals?

40:26 Submit Evidence to Enquiries

42:45 Secure a Place in Party Manifestos

59:22 ….and build relationships with your main contacts

1:01:41 Who do we work with?

1:01:55 Be Secretariat to Cross-Party Groups of Politicians

1:04:46 Bring Experts Together in a Coalition to Lobby

1:07:56 It's Not All About Politicians

1:13:15 Who do we work with?

1:16:50 Q&A/Discussion


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