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Give Healing and Resilience on Giving Tuesday 2022

The Campaign for Trauma-Informed Policy and Practice (CTIPP) excited to announce that we’re participating in this year’s “Giving Tuesday," which is a global movement to share, collaborate, and celebrate generosity with over 80 participating countries and 260 U.S. community campaigns.

The fundraising campaign will support PressOn through the Dan Press Memorial Fund, our initiative that unites local, state, and regional trauma-informed coalitions into a national alliance that acts as the “switchboard” to connect and mobilize the movement.

Trauma, chronic stress, and overwhelming adversity can negatively impact the health of individuals, families, communities, and systems across generations. In society, trauma doesn’t exist in a vacuum - from poverty and community violence to natural disasters and structural racism - it can manifest in our schools, homes, hospitals, workplaces, and beyond.

So, we must embrace a new paradigm - and cross-sector approaches - in the way we prevent, mitigate, respond, and heal from traumatic events.

PressOn breaks down silos by uniting community and statewide trauma-informed coalitions across the country to mobilize advocacy; share resources, best practices, and lived experiences; and put trauma-informed science at the forefront of decision making at all levels.

Donations are tax-deductible, and the fundraising drive ends at 11:59 p.m. ET on Tuesday, November 29, 2022.

CTIPP relies on donations and grants to provide all who are interested with opportunities to engage in and support the trauma-informed movement at no cost.

Explore other ways to engage and support the trauma-informed movement:


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