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FY23 Community Project Funding Request Guidance

Formerly known as "earmarks", the following resources will help you navigate requests from Members of Congress to direct funds to a specific state or local government or eligible non-profit recipient through the annual appropriations legislation.


● Limit of 15 CPF requests per Member

● Demonstrated Community Support, such as letters of support from elected community leaders (e.g. mayors or other officials), press articles highlighting the need for the requested Community Project Funding, support from newspaper editorial boards, projects listed on State intended use plans, community development plans, or other publicly available planning documents, or resolutions passed by city councils or boards.

● Financial Disclosure Statement: Members must not have a financial interest

● Member requirements to post all requests and certifications online Evaluation Criteria

● Ban on For-Profit recipients

● Matching requirements

● One-year funding

● Members are encouraged to consider public entities (state, local, or Tribal governmental entities) as grantees) to oversee completion of the project ○ Nonprofits as grantees: If a Member requests that funding be directed to a non-profit organization, the Member will need to provide evidence that the recipient is a nonprofit organization by either supplying the Employer Identification Number or an IRS determination letter.

● Request amounts: The Committee will limit Community Project Funding to no more than 1 percent of discretionary spending. Typical ranges are included in the “FY23 COMMUNITY PROJECT FUNDING ELIGIBLE ACCOUNTS” section below. Suggestions

● Research your Members’ priorities and tailor your language accordingly

● If they chose to submit, review your Members’ requests from FY22 (listed on their website) ● If you do not have a project eligible for a CPF, reach out to nonprofit partners or your municipality and state government partners to advocate for them to apply for CPF. Offer to provide evidence of community support.

● Questions? Attend CTIPP Government Affairs Office Hours with Jen, Mondays 12-2PM EST (


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