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CTAP Trauma FY21 Letter

EXCERPT: On behalf of the Child Trauma and ACEs Policy (CTAP) Working Group, a coalition of more than 30 national organizations committed to preventing childhood trauma and helping children experiencing severe adversity heal and thrive, we thank you for what you have done so far in responding to the needs of children affected by COVID-19. As the pandemic continues, we ask that you now invest resources to prevent and mitigate the lifelong effects of the trauma that many children are experiencing, while also addressing the disproportionate impact the virus is having on some families and communities. This is seen quite clearly in low-income communities of color throughout our country, who are not only much more likely to die from COVID-19, but also already suffer serious effects of trauma and experience severe adversity. We also ask that you give those working with children and youth the tools they need to navigate the trauma they and the children and families they work with are experiencing. By supporting programs that embed trauma-informed practices into already existing programs, we will build the capacity of communities and schools to meet the current needs of children and prevent the potentially devastating consequences of unaddressed trauma.

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