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Climate CoP 2024 Session 6 (Foster Literacy about Mental Wellness)

SESSION 6: The Third Foundational Focus: Foster Universal Literacy About Mental Wellness and Transformational Resilience

PRESENTERS: Bob Doppelt, ITRC Coordinator; Charlotte Eure, Coordinator, Virginia Trauma-Informed Communities Network; and Dr. Wanda Boone, CEO Together for Resilient Youth.


  • Help all residents understand how trauma and toxic stress can activate natural self-protective fight-flight-freeze reactions that affect their body, mind, emotions, and behaviors--and the thinking and actions of groups (i.e., help all adults and youth become trauma-informed).

  • Help everyone learn about their natural “resilience zones” and “adaptive zones.”

  • Help everyone learn simple self-administrable "Presencing"--or self-regulation and co-regulation--and "Purposing"--or adversity-based growth—transformational resilience skills.



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