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Pennsylvania & New Jersey Community Trauma-Informed Models (CTIPP CAN April 2021)

Statewide Comprehensive Trauma-Informed Strategies with Dave Ellis, Christine Norbut Beyer and Dan Jurman

This CTIPP CAN call featured presentations by directors in two states that have created offices to promote trauma-informed care and resiliency through HEAL PA and the New Jersey Statewide ACEs Action Plan.

8:58 Policy Updates

14:46 NJ ACEs

33:48 Emergent NEAR Science Education Before the NJ ACEs Action Plan

35:10 5 Core Strategies

43:43 NEAR Science Education Branching Abbreviation in Pieces

45:35 Future Strengthened; Pruned Pathways

49:47 New Jersey; Reading

54:04 Trauma-Informed PA: A Plan to Make Pennsylvania a Trauma-Informed, Healing-Centered State

55:06 Why Trauma-Informed PA?

56:34 Syndemic

57:24 The Brain Treats Chronic Stress, Scarcity, and Abuse/Dangers in Similar Ways

58:32 Our Approach

1:03:08 Recommendations Structure

1:04:08 Recommendation Highlights

1:05:28 Training to Change Our Culture

1:05:59 Licensure Based on People

1:06:41 Expanding Our ACEs Definition

1:07:18 Child Abuse As a Public Health Crisis

1:07:48 Requiring the Evolution to Trauma-Informed and Beyond

1:08:10 Getting to the Heart of Racism and Discrimination

1:09:11 Reducing Disproportionate Impact on Minorities

1:09:43 Develop Trauma-Informed Policing

1:10:10 Connect People to Each Other and Healers During Crisis

1:10:21 What's Next?

1:12:42 HEAL PA Leadership Team

1:13:09 HEAL PA Action Teams

1:13:23 Universal Teams

1:14:46 Targeted Teams

1:17:10 Early Wins

1:20:48 Q&A/Discussion


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