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Executive Director

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Serving as CTIPP’s Executive Director, Jesse is in charge of organizational administration and HR, fundraising, strategic planning, public engagements, and working alongside staff and volunteers in their roles with the organization.


Jesse currently serves in this role for CTIPP on loan from The Change Campaign, which Jesse founded and is predominantly funded through a contract with the nonprofit think tank ANS Research, where his focus revolves around movement building and sustainable financing initiatives. Above all else, Jesse has always had a strong vision for change that would make our world a better place for all.


Born and raised outside of Philadelphia, after graduating from Oberlin College, Jesse spent the first part of his career working for various nonprofits serving Philadelphia communities and at the state level for the Office of Attorney General and the Governor’s Campaign. He started with CTIPP as its first intern, then served as a board member for several years before becoming the executive director on loan when support for the position became available.


Jesse lives in Washington, D.C., with the love of his life, their hamster (Hamuel) and guinea pig (Bryce), stuffed animals, and many plants. Besides working, Jesse enjoys time with friends and family, playing and watching sports, exercising, reading, and serving as sous chef when he and Tina have time to cook.


  • What brings you to this work? My best friend Doug passed away in a plane crash when we were 15. I promised him at his funeral that I would keep him with me and that we would save the world together. This is a promise that I have kept close to my heart. My own lived experiences and the overwhelming need that I tried to support in my work in Philadelphia helped lead me to make this a significant part of my life’s work.

  • What helps you maintain a balanced life? I am blessed with many close relationships with people who love me. Regular exercise is critical to my well-being. My infinite curiosity and love of learning make every day fulfilling, and my passion for this work excites me each day.

  • Top 3 Podcasts: The Daily, The Journal, and Unlocking Us with Brene Brown

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