Beatriz Vides

Beatriz is a co-founder of The Center For Trauma Resilient Communities (CTRC) and also serves as the CTRC senior director of program development. The center has been engaged in helping organizations across the country create and sustain trauma-informed systems that help create a healing environment and we do this by using the current science of trauma resilience and organizational development and moving people from information to action. Prior to creating the CTRC, Beatriz worked with Dr. Bloom's Sanctuary model and supported many organizations across the world in their implementation of trauma-informed practices.  


Over the last 20 years, Beatriz has focused on trauma-informed approaches at the micro, mezzo, and macro level, and has worked with individual clients, organizations, and entire communities/cities.  One of the most important aspects of Beatriz's work is focused on the intersectionality of trauma and structural violence, as one cannot be trauma-informed without striving for equity and justice.