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Dan Press & Scaling Trauma-Informed Community Initiatives (CTIPP CAN October 2022)

This call explored strategies and systems to scale trauma-informed and cross-sector community initiatives. We began the call by honoring Dan Press’ legacy, updated advocates on the midterm elections, and highlighted advocacy resources, specifically how to identify and engage with policymakers and candidates with elections right around the corner.

BACKGROUND: Coordinating impactful trauma-informed systems change requires organizing a lot of information over many years. Appropriate technologies can empower engagement, alignment, and monitoring of efforts from dozens - or even hundreds - of organizations while ensuring they can contribute in ways that build on their unique strengths.

The presentation featured eTransx and InsightVision, technology platforms that support communities in developing, implementing, and monitoring the many details of a collective impact or system change initiative. There will be a focus on how communities can use a shared community-based information system to support trauma-informed cross-sector programs and initiatives at the local community level. Presenters include:

  • Bill Barberg, President/Founder of InsightFormation, Inc. Bill has provided training and consulting on innovative collective impact and system change efforts in the U.S. and Canada for the past 15 years. He also leads the development of the ACEs & Resilience Resource Commons for Communities (ARRCC), a free, wiki-based repository of information to accelerate and support community coalition work to minimize and address ACEs.

  • Becky Haas, global advocate, and trainer on trauma-informed approaches, Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs), and Positive Childhood Experiences (PCEs). Becky is a pioneer in creating trauma-informed communities and is the author of several sector-specific professional development training.

  • P. Mohan, President/CEO, eTransX. utilizes his information systems and engineering expertise to help communities achieve better outcomes while improving efficiency and efficacy. He was the chief architect of Wellbeing Care Community, an innovative, cross-sector, and community-based collaborative platform.

  • Richard Taylor, Vice President, eTransX, strategizes and advocates for improved well-being at the local and community levels, including initiatives to reduce poverty, reduce substance use disorders, improve health outcomes, and promote positive child and youth development.

0:12 Dan Press Tribute

17:19 Policy Updates

50:28 Building a Trauma Informed System of Care

52:25 Building Successful Cross Sector Communities

53:36 Helping People and Communities Reach Their Full Potential, One Person, One Community at a Time

54:00 Addressing Trauma/ACEs at the Community Level

54:29 Supporting Programs to Prevent ACEs

55:00 Supporting Collaboration Across Sectors

55:29 Wellbeing Care Community

55:32 Three Core Systems in One Integrated Level 5 System

56:00 Facilitating Community Coordination

56:38 Engaging with Individuals and Families

57:36 A Shared Community-Based Well-being Coordination System

58:19 Trauma Informed Community Alliance - Cumberland County, TN

1:00:01 The Value of the Insight - Vision Strategy Management Platform

1:00:38 Issues We Help Address

1:00:55 How We Provide Value

1:02:05 How to Tame the Complexity

1:03:03 Managing, Measuring & Evaluating

1:07:43 Support a Powerful Ecosystem of Strategies

1:08:04 Community Strategy Management Platform

1:08:35 Q&A/Discussion


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