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Climate CoP 2024 Session 8 (Healing Opportunities)

SESSION 8: The Fifth Foundational Focus: Establish Ongoing Opportunities for Residents to Heal Their Traumas

PRESENTERS: Bob Doppelt, ITRC Coordinator; and Elaine Miller-Karas, Co-Founder and Director of Innovation, the Trauma Resource Institute; and Dr. Ken Thompson, Visible Hands Collaborative


  • Key elements of the individual and community trauma healing process.

  • Different types of age and culturally appropriate group and community-based healing opportunities: Healing Circles, Integrative Community Therapy; somatic healing; expressive therapies (art, music, dance, writing); mindfulness; spirituality; nature-based and animal healing; and others.

  • The importance of holding regular memorial events in the community.

  • The important role of individualized clinical therapy and mental health services.



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