Christina Love

Christina Love is an Alutiiq/Sugpiaq (Aleut) woman from Egegik village who was raised in Chitina, Alaska. Christina is open about her lived experiences of domestic violence, sexual assault, sexual assault as a minor, and the connection that the violence she survived has between her substance use disorders, mental health illnesses, and incarceration. Christina serves as the Training and Technical Assistant Expert on Substance Use and Trauma for numerous agencies and communities nationwide.


Christina works as a Specialist for the Alaska Network on Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault (ANDVSA), the state’s coalition of domestic and sexual violence programs. At ANDVSA, Christina works with programs, agencies, and communities nationwide to address the roots causes of violence (trauma), continuum of care for support services through strategic initiatives, equity and inclusion, organizational transformation, training, and technical assistance, community-based organization, integrated services, curriculum development, evaluation, assessment, and community healing.


Christina’s vision is to serve our nation's most targeted populations through bridging the gaps in our systems of care ultimately making access to services accessible, culturally relevant, and trauma-informed. Christina’s greatest passion is liberation through education.