Board & Advisors


Board of Directors

Paul Abernathy, MPIA, MDiv

Christina D. Bethell, PhD, MBA, MPH

Sandra L. Bloom, MD

Board Chair

Clarencetine (Teena) Brooks, LMSW, ABD

Erin Connolly, LCSW

Mandy Davis, PhD, LCSW

Leslie Lieberman, MSW

Christina Love


Alisha Moreland-Capuia, MD

Marsha Morgan, MPA

Suzanne O'Connor


Lina E. Pasquale, MA

Laura Porter

Elizabeth Prewitt, MPS

David L. Shern, PhD

Beatriz Vides

Diane Wagenhals, BA, MEd


Carole Warshaw, M.D.

Wiltina Wilson

Ebony Wortham



Tim Frie

Marlo Nash

Daniel Press,

Pro Bono Attorney

In Loving Memory of Those Who Paved the Way


Darby Penney, MLS

A Note to our Founding Board Members

We are grateful for the work of our original board members. CTIPP's first five years of making a difference were unfunded and relied on the volunteer labor and expertise of our board members. We extend to you our heartfelt appreciation for your years of service in promoting the mission of CTIPP.  We know that it has not been easy to balance everything going on in your life - personally and professionally - while also volunteering for a working board to create the change that CTIPP has already made.  

Because of your dedication and contributions toward promoting our mission these past several years along with those of your colleagues on the CTIPP Board and Advisory Committee, CTIPP has gained a very positive image around the country: we are now seen as a beacon of hope for both preventing trauma from happening and for promoting meaningful ways to address trauma in all its many forms, helping to make the world a trauma-informed, resilience-focused, and healing-centered place so that all individuals, families, and communities may thrive. Your efforts have been a part of the process that has brought us this far.  

Please know how much we honor and appreciate your part in helping to launch and nurture CTIPP’s growth, and how much we appreciate the role that you played in developing the foundation for our future successes. Your impact on our organization will be a lasting part of its legacy.

Christina Bethell  

Andy Blanch

Sandy Bloom

Mariana Chilton  

Meagan Corrado   

Mandy Davis   

Bob Doppelt

Wendy Ellis

Jeanne Felter   

Noel Hunter     

Major Darren Ivey    

Leslie Lieberman  

Helga Luest  

Marsha Morgan  

Michael O’Bryan

Suzanne O’Connor

Darby Penney   

Laura Porter 

Dan Press  

Elizabeth Prewitt  

Joe Pyle  

Ellen Rolfes

Susan Salasin

David Shern  

Carole Warshaw